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BarkPark: The Most Pet Friendly House in America

Our House is a very, very, very fine house. 

It's all cats and all dogs.

All day. Every day. 

Ours is a noble, goal: to nurture caring and compassion at the community level. 

BarkPark is Rescues Rock's HQ.

BarkPark also home to the Kitten Critical Nursery and Safe Paws.

Volunteers Are Everything

BarkPark is a dedicated community foster house located in historic Laurel Canyon. BarkPark provides round the clock medical care and supervision for rescued dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Volunteers from the community of all ages are involved in all aspects of the operations at BarkPark, from feedings, administering medications, socialization and training to Pet Ed, social media and marketing campaigns and fundraising. We are fortunate to be part of one of the most creative and compassionate animal loving enclaves in the United States.

The Kitten Critical Nursery

The most vulnerable animals in Los Angeles are the orphaned kittens in our city shelters. As long as our City is prevented by order of a court injunction to perform trap, neuter and return through its Animal Services department, the cat population will continue to soar, resulting in thousands of kittens landing at the doors of our municipal shelters. Without committed bottle feeding care-givers, these kittens don't stand a chance.

The Neonatal Nursery at BarkPark's Kitten Critical Nursery has the space, equipment and veterinary assistance to care for dozens of orphan bottle babies at any given time. We'd like to be able to pay part time staff to help cover some shifts that allow us to be up and running 24/7.

Safe Paws: Community Based Animal Welfare and Education

Safe Paws provides assistance with lost and found pets, rehoming, fostering and adoption counseling, wildlife education and transportation of injured wildlife and pet safety education. We also handle some conflict resolution. Safe Paws does all of these things to reduce our community's impact on our local shelters and LA Animal Services limited resources. Safe Paws is a local program that is designed to work at the neighborhood level everywhere and anywhere there are dedicated animal advocates. It's the think globally, act locally model of animal welfare that we believe can make a changes we'd like to see at the city, county and state levels across the country.  To that end, we have lined up nationally recognized trainers and designers to help build our educational materials. 

Every community may not be able to have a dedicated foster house, but the programs we run here at BarkPark can be recreated in neighborhoods everywhere.. Our goal is to make our educational materials available to schools, municipal shelters and rescues everywhere so that they may build their own community based animal welfare programs. 

How Much Is the Doggy in the Window? 

Donations help us cover vet bills and hire some part time staffers to assist in the neonatal nursery so that we can be of greater assistance to our local shelter. We also seek to create materials for our k-12 Pet Ed program and make improvements to the grounds (catio, renovate existing water features and bridges and foot paths)

We are grateful for any and all donations. 

One time donations. 

Recurring monthly donations. 

Your family or business or foundation can also be a sponsor of BarkPark.

Donations to Rescues Rock may be tax deductible, we are a 501(c)(3) so check with your accountant to see if your donation qualifies you for a tax deduction.

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